Holiday Drug Relapse Prevention Guide

Holiday Prevention Guide

Stay confident this holiday season knowing you can stick to your sobriety plan.

The holiday season is full of canada pharmacy viagra joy, love, excitement, and spending time with family and friends. What can be better than that? While the majority of people may look forward to holiday events, some may not be all cheers and online apotheke cialis smiles.

Some of us at New Roads know what it is like early on in recovery and having holiday parties to attend with family, friends, or work. Anxiety or fear can kick in when we know we will be placed in challenging situations where alcohol and/or drugs may be present. Tis the season for that! So, be prepared!


How to Prepare?

Revisit your relapse prevention worksheets or if you don’t have them or want something specific for the holidays, then fill one out below.  This 2013 Holiday Drug Prevention Guide will help you feel more at ease and more confident for the upcoming few weeks.  Download it, indian viagra karmagra print, share with supporters, or save as a shortcut on your mobile phone home screen for quick access.

Having trouble seeing the worksheet below or are on your mobile phone? Fill out the holiday drug relapse prevention guide here.