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New Synthetic Street Drug: Mephedrone



Common Names: Meow Meow, Drone, MCAT, White Magic, Bubble

The long term effects of MCAT are unknown.

The long term effects of buy generic viagra MCAT are unknown.

Mephedrone, most commonly referred to as Meow Meow, is closely related to amphetamines, and is a powerful stimulant. It can come in the form of ordering viagra from uk reviews a powder, tablet or capsule that users can smoke, inject, snort, take orally, or rectally. It has been sold legally on the internet as a plant fertilizer.


What are the effects?

Users report feeling talkative, social, confident, and viagra prescription nhs euphoric while on Meow Meows. It can also give you an enhanced appreciation for music, hallucinations, elevated mood, mild sexual stimulation, and a decreased appetite.


How long does it last?

Depending on how the drug is taken, effects start with 15 to 1 low cost cialis 45 minutes, and normally last for 2 to 3 hours. When injected the effects usually only last about 45 minutes.


Adverse Reactions

Some commonly reported adverse reactions are teeth grinding, delusions, erratic behavior, increased sweating, decreased appetite, anxiety, paranoia, and panic. Meow meow can also overstimulate your circulation and heart, resulting in permanent damage.



Users have reported experiences insomnia, dizziness, de-realization, nightmares, and nausea as withdrawal symptoms when stopping Meow Meow use.


In the News

In Durham, UK a cialis cheap online pharmacy teenager was high on Meow Meow’s, and experienced hallucinations for 18 hours that made him believe there were centipedes crawling all over his body, and biting him. He ended up in the hospital after ripping his own scrotum off. Inspector Kevin Tuck of the Durham Police Force said, “People are blatantly saying there is nothing the police can do because it is ‘legal’. The use of buy viagra online a href this drug is becoming more prevalent. Parents should be on their guard – particularly at this time of the year. They need to know it is freely available on generic vs viagra the internet and that teenagers are talking about it.”


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