Young Adult Drug Treatment

When Addiction Begins, Development Stops

New Roads assists young adults struggling with addiction. But it’s more than that. We truly partner with our clients, so that, with our helping hand, they can handle life challenges associated with the female viagra cheap disease of addiction. In our young adult drug treatment, we work with individuals in the 18–28 year age range where our honed treatment strategy focuses on the mental health and behavioral concerns prominent in recovering young adults.


Getting to real recovery stems from what we call our Continuum of generic viagra and generic drug Care, which consists of these elements: Detox Services, Residential Drug Treatment, Transitional Treatment, Outpatient Services and Aftercare. Often, the hardest and most crucial decision lies in the question “Where should treatment take place?” Our answer: “Wherever is best for the individual.” And our Continuum of Care enables us to make the right location decision.

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Young Adult Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Our mission is this: Through effective and affordable programming, we foster the development of alcohol-free and drug-free young adults who mature into responsible, self-sufficient, contributing, happy people—who take new, healthy roads of life.

We get that addiction isn’t merely one person with a viagra 24 hour delivery uk severe problem; it’s a disease that affects family and friends, as well. We aren’t detached from the reality of Addiction’s extended grasp. Why? Our entire staff have been there, seen firsthand the cycle of despair and the road to recovery.

Our approach is non prescription viagra substitute a holistic philosophy to drug treatment. It’s based on current advances in addiction recovery research and includes proven methods, such as mental health therapy, life coaching, substance abuse counseling and vocation assistance. These methods have resulted in success because they provide a platform for growth, individualization and new drug cialis have yielded amazing outcomes for the young adult and their family.

Everyone is different, and so each treatment plan should be. We take a hard look at each young adult’s situation, then adapt the plan that’s right for them. But as with everything, some things just work. For example, fda american generic cialis through the trying tasks that come with recovery, encouragement and positive reinforcement always act as catalysts to change. It’s these types of constants along with flexibility that keeps individuals engaged and committed to recovery.

We’d like to give you a generic viagra professional look into some of our process: Clients begin by completing a social detox and a 90-day drug treatment program. If successful, we encourage them to research our transitional program. By taking these gradual steps in lowering the intensity of treatment, we are enabling our clients to stay healthy and genuine cialis no prescription sober long term. We encourage clients to participate in creating their personalize treatment process by changing the intensity and frequency of therapy according to their comfort. This empowers them to use the tools they learned in residential treatment and cialis wholesale online to apply their newfound knowledge in real-life situations.

Once clients have completed the social detox and 90 day treatment program, we recommend our transitional program. As part of this process, we offer sober living apartments, day treatment, and therapeutic groups. Living with others who are also in recovery, provides a strong support system for our clients to viagra prescription share with their peers if they are struggling or need help. This additional support is a key component to long-term recovery.

Because clients are allowed to slowly transition back into normal life, with a strong support system, clients gain the confidence they need to deal with real-life stresses and situations. As they do so, they will rely less on the program and independently remain drug free. By allowing our transitional clients to progress in this environment, they are learning autonomy, accountability, responsibility, and humility, which in turn means our clients experience relapses at a lower rate than other programs. This is one of the most beneficial and rewarding aspects of New Roads.

So that our clients don’t have financial burdens that might distract them from their recovery, our transitional program is significantly lower in cost than residential drug treatment. Call us today! Our strong team of administrative and clinical professionals are eager to answer any questions you might have about our young adult drug treatment program and mental health programs.


We’ve seen firsthand the pain of addiction with our own loved ones.

It’s this motivation that sustains and inspires us to accomplish what we do.

We hold the hope and the fundamental belief that all clients can get better.


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