Affordable Drug Rehab Programs for Young Adults

We’ve seen firsthand the pain of drug addiction with our own loved ones.
It’s this motivation that sustains and inspires us to accomplish what we do.
We hold hope and the fundamental belief that all clients can get better.


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New Roads Drug Rehab Programs

We carry out powerful treatment, rehabilitation and counseling methods that work — and along the way we deliver nourishing life-skills training that’s focused. Most of all, we succeed in helping young adults achieve true recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Follow our blog to learn more.


Why Choose New Roads? 

We have a culture centered on effective addiction treatment plans that are grounded in modern science and are specific for young adults in the 18-28 age range. There’s truly a scientific avenue to our programs so everyone gets evidence-based care. View testimonials and find answers Please feel free to schedule a guided tour at our facilities as well.


Drug Treatment Resources

Facing substance abuse is an emotionally challenging time and it comes with questions: Who/where should I turn to for help? How do I find an affordable drug program that matches my/their needs? How does detox feel and work? The video to the left is one of several helpful drug treatment videos for parents, or for yourself.


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