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Success stories

keep us going.

Our highly experienced staff is working
in this industry because of their passion
for knowing and truly believing that
everyone can get better.

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Gold quality

approval rating.

We are pleased to have been awarded
The Joint Commission National Quality
Approval gold seal. Be confident knowing
that you or your loved one will receive the
highest quality of care when in our programs.

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can save a life.

Nearly 100 people die every day from an
overdose. This is a mother, a father, a son,
or a daughter who didn't get the help then
needed. Fortunately, greater access to
drug treatment could soon save more lives.

The Right Treatment Information


Witnessing the destruction of addiction is not an experience you soon forget. It doesn't matter if you are a mother, father, son, or daughter – addiction does not discriminate. Acquiring the knowledge and resources about our affordable drug rehab programs will help you answer the all too familiar question: "What can I do to help?"

Choose from the following paths to obtain valuable knowledge, expert guidance, 
and/or acquire helpful resources that fit your specific treatment needs. 

For You

Information for your personal situation to help you through the process of finding treatment.


For Family & Friends

Information for this difficult situation and resources to guide you through finding professional help for your loved one.

For your Clients

Information for professionals looking on behalf of clients or families including resources to identify the most viable treatment options.


Financing options available for yourself, a loved one, or your client.

Our Success Rates:

green-button  Graduated: 96%

orange-button  Did not Graduate: 4%

 All Time


Our Cost Comparison:

Most Expensive 30 day stay
Industry Average
New Roads


  • I think our culture really values hope and the belief that anyone, no matter who they are, can get better. We have success stories all around us so its easy to keep that belief going. Our company also invests a lot in our employees. We have on-going training and development, making it a really great place to work. Not to mention all of the wonderful seasoned clinicians, medical staff, mentors and experienced executives.
    Jessie Dennerline, MBA,
  • My son loved the recreation opportunities at the Utah residential location. He's now an avid Rock climber!
    Lisa B., Boulder, CO
  • Drug addiction is now a bad memory. Something that seems so far away. Thank you to this wonderful staff for giving me the skills to take control.
    Tyler G., Graduate
  • Just when all hope was lost, I walked into these doors, and found a new will to live without drugs. I could never imagine this day would ever happen.  Thank you to the therapists, thank you to the mentor staff, and thank you to my peers!!! I have found what it actually means to live a full life without the darkness of drugs.
    Kari G., Graduate
  • New Roads not only helped me get sober, they provided a pathway for me to be successful. The life skills section of our program built the foundations I needed to take advantage of the opportunity I was given.
    Chris S., Sober Graduate
  • New Roads unique approach to young adult dual-diagnosis treatment with a heavy emphasis on life skills development is like nothing else I have experienced in the treatment industry. This aspect of the program in particular sets our clients up for long term independence and success.
    Brittany H., Addiction Specialist
  • I am now living my life without the chains of drugs and alcohol.  I fought the program in the beginning, but the care and attention I was given by the entire staff made the difference in my turnaround.
    Lee R., Graduate
  • The Therapeutic Community Model gave me a sense of responsibility in my community.
    Christopher S.,
  • We had lost hope our son could ever get off the path of self destruction. Since going to New Roads, he has done a 180 and still going strong.
    Adam C., Father
  • The staff at New Roads went above and beyond with their personal attention. They are truly angels.
    Debra H., Mother
  • I honestly just did not know how to live. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Everything I did was destroying myself and my family. New Roads helped me see this and to find skills to overcome that.
    Kate Y., Graduate
  • After struggling for years with drug addiction, I finally found a new direction and strength thanks to this long-term program. I can’t thank you enough.  Sometimes I wake up and can’t believe what a mess my life was. It is like a bad dream. Thank you!  
    Alex C., Graduate
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